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Equipped with modern manufacturing technologies, we manufacture parts for various assemblies like transmission,
engine, suspension, chassis, axle and more...
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ForgingsCarbon Steel and Alloy Steels

Investment CastingCarbon and Alloy Steel

CastingSG Iron and CI

RoundbarCarbon and Alloy Steel


Quality Policy

“APPLIED” is committed to manufacture products as per customer specific requirement and achieve the Business goal by enhancing customer satisfaction for long term beneficial relationship through

  • Accomplish quality product
  • Promote technology
  • Precedence delivery
  • Liaising customers and Business partners
  • Innovate Process Development
  • Effective Safe working Environment
  • Develop Team Competency

Some of our Products

Our core strength lies in machining wide variety of components from Forging, roundbar, sand casting and investment casting route, all under one roof.


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  • Customer Testimonails

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